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This year, Mrs. Pang is offering the following Math classes at Ashreinu:

Algebra 1 (part 1):

This course thoroughly explores algebra topics.  Core concepts include: solving equations and problems in one and multiple variables for unknown quantities; graphing on the coordinate plane;  and combining and factoring polynomials.  This course will challenge students regularly to think mathematically while also helping students develop mathematics study skills and learning strategies.


This course will explore in detail a range of topics in algebra and trigonometry, as well as applications that will relate the math being studied to situations in the real world.  Topics covered include linear and quadratic functions, solutions and graphs of polynomial equations, inequalities, exponents and logarithms, trigonometry, polar coordinates, and complex numbers.


Geometry, literally “earth measurement,” derives from mankind’s desire to describe and investigate the world around us.  The geometry studied in high school is known as “Euclidean Geometry,” because it is based on a book called Elements written about 300 B.C.E. by a man named Euclid (Next to the Bible, this has been the most widely translated, published, and studied book in the western world).  Topics covered in this course include measurement of angles and segments, properties of polygons and polyhedra, congruence and similarity, parallel lines, circles, perimeter, area, and volume, and a brief introduction to trigonometry.  Algebra is used as a tool in many problems to help students continuously review and maintain their skills.  This course will also place a heavy emphasis on logical reasoning and proof.