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Middle School Science

Our middle school science curriculum is on a two-year cycle allowing for all students to learn the same subject during the course of a particular year. This allows for maximum flexibility and differentiation of learning styles and abilities not limited to grade or age of the students.


The Physical Science course is a preparatory course in the basic concepts of chemistry and physics. The course is designed to provide a foundation for the science courses that will follow in high school.  In addition, the course provides a vehicle to continue building the themes of community and 21st century learning skills including:

o   Learning about the mechanisms that govern the physical world as well as working as part of a learning community.

o   Continued development of problem solving strategies.

o   Teaching cooperative learning by having students works together on labs and group projects.

o   Integrating technology into the curriculum

Major Topics and/or Skills Taught:

Scientific Method                                                            Phases of Matter
Metric System                                                                   Atoms
Mass, Weight, Volume, and Density                         Mechanics
Chemical bonding                                                           Heat
Acids and Bases                                                               Electricity and Magnetism

LIFE SCIENCE (2018-2019)

This is an introductory course on Life Science and scientific methodology. The objectives are to impart knowledge of the basic life processes and the diversity of life as well as understanding that the study of life sciences is a lens through which they can examine identity. The course is committed to experiential learning and the building of a fund of scientific skills. Guided by the scientific method, the course emphasizes skills of research, experimental design, data analysis, use of laboratory instruments, scientific writing, and scientific presentation.

Major Topics Covered:

Laboratory Safety                                                 Introduction to Plants
The Metric System                                                The Animal Kingdom
Characteristics of Living Things                      Cell Structure and Function
Disease                                                                      Human Anatomy and Physiology