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Mrs. Panina Licht

Panina Licht first fell in love with science her freshman year of high school, in Mr. Longnecker’s biology class. Daunted by chemistry, her enthusiasm waned until a Genetics for Non-Majors course to fulfill her science requirement near the end of her undergraduate years at University of Chicago re-sparked her interest. After completing her degree in psychology, she decided to combine her desires to help people and to dig deeper into genetics by pursing an MS in Genetic Counseling at University of Pittsburgh. With her degree under her belt, she followed her husband Jacob to St. Louis, where she taught genetics at University of Missouri – St. Louis and worked on human studies of the genetics of ADHD and depression, with a side of tutoring high school biology and chemistry.
In 2001, the Lichts settled back in Jacob’s childhood neighborhood of Kemp Mill. Since the move, Mrs. Licht has taught and tutored chemistry, biology, life science, physical science, math and language arts, as well as worked in the administration at Kehilat Montessori and Hebrew Day School. While her main pastime is parenting her three children, she also enjoys reading, baking, and experimenting in the kitchen.